Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

2014 count coming soon

Thursday, July 11, 2013


This is unusual post-an article. I wanted to share my expertise on how to be a cumdump. I was asked multiple times by young and not so young wanna be cumdumps how I do it. Here you go. This will be evolving article with updates. Part 1 is on how to organize cumdump parties (partial). Enjoy and share!


·       Post party on bbrt
·       Post party on CL
·       Post party on a4a
·       Start a blog
·       Twit of your plans
·       Ask your buddies to spread the word
·       Ask known party organizers to help you

Hosting location
Motel/hotel most ideal for this since it’s free access for guys. More expensive than bathhouse, but you more for your buck. It also provides you with the whole day of private space and complete anonymity. Ideal: 1-2 floor motel with open direct driveway access plan with free parking and close to populated LGBT area.
·       Location within walkable distance in or from most populated area i.e. LGBT or close to train stations
·       Easy in and out for cars and guys to walk to your room- like direct driveway to door access
·       Free parking if not walkable or at least next to train station
·       No hour restrictions, no card requirements for gate or elevator access, and no annoying security guards
Bathhouse: cheaper than hotel room, but limited hours. Disadvantage is there is always a cover and there are many other bottoms and voyeurs, although you are guaranteed to have at least one load or cock, if your party completely fails. Generally,
Rental party room in clubs etc: expensive, unless you charge cover yourself.

Generally evenings are better on weekdays and weekends. Late evenings and nights are better on weekends.
1.     Saturday evenings and night
2.     Holiday evenings and nights
3.     Friday evening and night
4.     Weekday evenings
5.     Saturday afternoons
6.     Sunday morning

One of the most important rituals for bottoms overall and specially for cumdump party. Never underestimate the importance of good douching. No one ones to stick cock in muddy and stinky ass. Also, if you did not clean deep enough you will have to empty your bowels after few loads to poop and that will waste all previous loads. The idea is to collect all inside and keep as long as you can. Guys do not want dirty hole, but they also do not want dry hole.
How to douche see multiple online guides. I use portable douche assembly that is attachable to any showerhead. Here is the link. It is very efficient, provides deep cleaning, discrete, portable, no mess outside of shower, you can take shower at the same time. Main drawback well it requires to have access to shower. As a back up have a regular douche bag with you as well.
Most guys that fuck bareback wanted to fuck preloaded cumlubed hole. Why? If feels amazing when it is wet. It feels like lubricated pussy. If you can take one or more loads before your party that would be great.

·       Personal supplies: lube, douche, jock, blindfold, poppers, topical spray, and other stuff by your taste
·       Caffeine or energy drinks: you will need a lot of boost while not eating much
·       Snacks- light protein and energy reach, you will be hungry if it is a long party and will need some nutrition without bulk.
·       Water- drink plenty of it.
·       Pain relievers- you may get headaches from not eating or poppers- I do.

·       Diet the day prior
·       No meals during party
·       Snacks, energy drinks and water are needed

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