Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

2014 count coming soon

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"That cum-filled ass is prime!"

After being used as cumdumpster for another anonymous guy who has bf but wanted to deposit in the cumdump. There is nothing better than taking anon load and used as a cumdump with a word "cumdump" written on your ass. Perfect cumdump! Try it for yourself and you will know why guys want it so much and keep coming back. They say: "That cum-filled ass is prime!", "The best cumdump I have ever had!" 



There is nothing better than degradation and self-degradation for worthless faggot cumdump. I truly enjoy being humiliated by guys. I want to be recognized and humiliated in public. If you see me, abuse me verbally and this faggot will get on his knees or bend over for you. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"I'm using your ass as a cum dumpster"

This conversation says all about what I am, how guys treat me, and why they like using me.
I took the pic after i was pounded deep and seeded by 26yo hot tall masculine guy with real 9' cock. He had a bf but really needed to use nsa anon hoe to dump a load. Nothing more, just getting off in public cumdumpster. It's far from being an affair, no even a fuckbud thing, not even like fucking a prostitute, or having actual hook up. It's like using gloryhole in arcade or ejaculating in the fleshlight.  I cannot post any pics of him to protect his identity. I value the privacy of my fuckbuds and  one time breeders as requested. 

Was wondering if you have any loads in your pussy. I need to fuck a slut I've been only fucking my boyfriend for months. I need slut pussy

         cool i have a slut pussy for u:) i have one load hoping to get more today

- I just want your ass to be filled with cream

I like it when that nasty spunk drips out on my cock and your pussy sloppy as fuk
hot i wanna get more loads for u 
I'm going into work for a couple hours. I'd love to use you now if possible. Just dump my seed in your worthless butt quick

-I want your ass in the air. I'm using your ass as a cum dumpster. If you have poppers, leave them out for me to use

          oh yes thats how i like it i am a cum dumpster. poppers will be out

-That's exactly what I like. I'm not cheating on my boyfriend, I'm just using a public cum dumpster

     i know its perfect for us exactly i am total slut dumpster and u r just getting off 

      u can treat me as a cumdumpster unload and leave 

After the cumdump
-That cum-filled ass is prime!  Thanks

       i loved it i hope u need cumdumpster every week:)

-I'm glad you did. Your hole was running through my head all day/night

      it was prime cock and prime orgasm still thinking about it and the cumdumpster scene just made it perfect 

-I enjoy the cumdumpster scene for sure. That way I know I'm not cheating on my boyfriend; just using a cumdump. 
I loved when I walked in I could smell the poppers and when I walked into your room I caught you already high and sniffing the poppers. Got me real horny knowing you're always ready to take ANY load. 

       when we fuck i want it to be cumdump as it works for both of us. u have bf but u use me as cumdump  and nothing more and no cheating i want like that

i love greeting my breeders on all fours blindfolded lubed up high on poppers ready for ANY load 

-And you do that very well:) I'd love to use the cumdump again when it's very sloppy from many loads
...breed as a worthless cumdump

        i hope soon i take loads often so anytime u need it

-Don't worry, I will text when I need to use your sloppy hole

The pics after that: 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cumdump in NYC

One of the hottest scenes from my last cumdump in NYC Hotel this year. Hot black young guy from bbrt pounding me for a while and dumping 3 loads in my already wet hole. This was day 1 of pump and dump party when I took total of 30 loads. I was in heaven and very verbal when he was breeding me. He loved my cunt so much that continued to fuck until he is drained.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


This is unusual post-an article. I wanted to share my expertise on how to be a cumdump. I was asked multiple times by young and not so young wanna be cumdumps how I do it. Here you go. This will be evolving article with updates. Part 1 is on how to organize cumdump parties (partial). Enjoy and share!


·       Post party on bbrt
·       Post party on CL
·       Post party on a4a
·       Start a blog
·       Twit of your plans
·       Ask your buddies to spread the word
·       Ask known party organizers to help you

Hosting location
Motel/hotel most ideal for this since it’s free access for guys. More expensive than bathhouse, but you more for your buck. It also provides you with the whole day of private space and complete anonymity. Ideal: 1-2 floor motel with open direct driveway access plan with free parking and close to populated LGBT area.
·       Location within walkable distance in or from most populated area i.e. LGBT or close to train stations
·       Easy in and out for cars and guys to walk to your room- like direct driveway to door access
·       Free parking if not walkable or at least next to train station
·       No hour restrictions, no card requirements for gate or elevator access, and no annoying security guards
Bathhouse: cheaper than hotel room, but limited hours. Disadvantage is there is always a cover and there are many other bottoms and voyeurs, although you are guaranteed to have at least one load or cock, if your party completely fails. Generally,
Rental party room in clubs etc: expensive, unless you charge cover yourself.

Generally evenings are better on weekdays and weekends. Late evenings and nights are better on weekends.
1.     Saturday evenings and night
2.     Holiday evenings and nights
3.     Friday evening and night
4.     Weekday evenings
5.     Saturday afternoons
6.     Sunday morning

One of the most important rituals for bottoms overall and specially for cumdump party. Never underestimate the importance of good douching. No one ones to stick cock in muddy and stinky ass. Also, if you did not clean deep enough you will have to empty your bowels after few loads to poop and that will waste all previous loads. The idea is to collect all inside and keep as long as you can. Guys do not want dirty hole, but they also do not want dry hole.
How to douche see multiple online guides. I use portable douche assembly that is attachable to any showerhead. Here is the link. It is very efficient, provides deep cleaning, discrete, portable, no mess outside of shower, you can take shower at the same time. Main drawback well it requires to have access to shower. As a back up have a regular douche bag with you as well.
Most guys that fuck bareback wanted to fuck preloaded cumlubed hole. Why? If feels amazing when it is wet. It feels like lubricated pussy. If you can take one or more loads before your party that would be great.

·       Personal supplies: lube, douche, jock, blindfold, poppers, topical spray, and other stuff by your taste
·       Caffeine or energy drinks: you will need a lot of boost while not eating much
·       Snacks- light protein and energy reach, you will be hungry if it is a long party and will need some nutrition without bulk.
·       Water- drink plenty of it.
·       Pain relievers- you may get headaches from not eating or poppers- I do.

·       Diet the day prior
·       No meals during party
·       Snacks, energy drinks and water are needed

Cumdump in Miami

After taking several loads in Miami hotel earlier this year.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pump and dump

This anonymous daddy came over, found me blindfolded, pounded my ass, and deposited in my spermbank hole.


freshly bred 

freshly bred again


I am a worthless faggot cunt cumwhore. I am a total bareback cumdump.  I am good only for being a cumdumpster and sperm depository for guys. Anyone can dump their loads in my cheap faggot ass. I will take any loads anywhere from anyone. I want to be used like a cunt for guys to pump and dump in.  My place is to take loads. The only thing I care about is to take loads, fill my cumhole with sperm, the more the better until I leak with manjuices. I think about taking loads and being bred all the time. I serve as spermbank, cum receptacle, dumpster for guys to hold my thighs, stick their cocks in my inviting ass and pound away until they nut and drain their balls deep in my guts. I love when they treat me like nothing more than a cumdump, faceless, soulless, a hole, a place to release loads, to get off. After they are drained they just push my ass away, zip up and leave without looking back. They just dump and don’t have to worry about strings. They dump in my ass and dump me. I am providing a hole for their cocks and they don’t think about me more. I love to be treated as such- the cumdump that takes care of their urge to cum. I am nothing more, I have no value. This is my core substance- cumdump for all. I love being a whore for all, none owns me solely. My ass is a public amenity similar to toilet or public flashlight or prostitute- cum in, use, get off, and leave. The best part-you don’t have to talk, it is free, and totally anonymous. One time or more- NSA, I don’t care and wouldn’t know anyway. I want to walk naked and bend over anywhere for guys to see, insert and inject.

No loads refused, no condoms, no pullouts!
Cum inside!
Insert and inject!
All loads taken!
Thank you for using the cumdump! Cum again!