Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

2014 count coming soon

Friday, January 17, 2014

Excerpt from a conversation with a BBRT buddy

cuntarmo wrote:

i love taking
>anon cock blindfolded. anon, blindfolded, raw,
>cumdump all makes me high. 
they like how my ass
>looks so much they just want that ass then after
>they try it they want it again
some want ass up
>anon and blindfolded some just dont care some
>regular sex
>i know there something about it that makes me >horny and most guys that fuck me like it. I think >is like fucking a stranger every time. i think >some guys have fetish to fuck blindfolded ass, >some wanna be discreet, some wanna try kinky >things. some are ugly. but i onlly care about hard >cock in my ass and being blindfolded removes any >worries about discretion, looks. Guys just wanna >unload and they only want to see my ass and fuck >it. U said it they just need a cunt or someone to >treat like a cunt. Love when guys say that: hi >cunt, hey cumdump, i need to unload, is your hole >open for deposits, can i drop by to dump my load. > my profile pic is exactly how i get most cock: >blindfolded, ass up, on all fours, in a jock, >poppered up. Walk in, Pump and dump. Leave. I love >it and guys seems too. i do fuck without >blindfold in bathhouses and during parties n all >my hotness in the plain >view:)

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