Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

2014 count coming soon

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You live for cum , don't you fuckin cumdump!

One of my repeat visits, bi rough dom guy who kept calling me bitch and cumdump while pounding away my pussy doggy and then on my back. Then he put me on my back on the bed, legs up in the air, and I felt he was getting rougher and faster, i was begging for cum ; knock me up! i am a cumdump!. He started to moan loudly , curse and unloaded for few seconds. "Take it you fuckin cumdump!" he said and I said "dump in me!" Oh that is the best breeding cumdump could wish for. This is the pic he took right after.

New dominant fuckbud

I met this young hunk during last month and he already bred me 3x. He is younger, dominant, verbal, rough. Cute and hot in shape body. Knows how to pound my ass and unload big loads in it. He brought a friend during one of the sessions and the friend bred me as well after they tagteamed me. He just told me that he has a bf but wants to keep me his little secret cumdump whore. He told me he is addicted to my ass and wants to fuck it every day. Sounds all perfect to me!

Love young full of cum rough dirty fuckers like him who know how to treat me as a filthy worthless whore for their breeding urges! Whether you are single, dating, or attached you can use me as a cumdump, and I will be your secret no strings attached reliable whore to fulfill your needs and fantasies. I know what you need and how to please you. I am perfect for attached guys who need a emotionless faceless hole to dump their loads without any connection and bail out because I love being that hole. I truly believe to be just that cumdump, pleasing you without asking, requesting, or deserving more! If you are done with me after one dump or need more it will be as you wish.

This is my hole after last breeding yesterday when he pounded his 4 day load deep in my pussy.

Quote of the day

New series of posts featuring quotes from what my multiple fans on BBRT, XTube, A4A, and Twitter say or email me.

Quote of the day, from a new stranger on BBRT. Could not be more perfect description.

Hot sluthole... Love to use you as a dump.  Prefer a dump so
it's no emotion, and that way I can cum without cheating on
my gf. 

At your service! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

CUMHOLE rewind

Some highlight pics and a video featuring my hole flooded and oozing with cum after several gangbangs in 2013

Rules of the CUMDUMP

These are rules to follow when you fuck and use the Cumdump:


Bareback only! I do not fuck with a condom on your cock. I don't provide condoms and don't expect you to.


This is must. No loads go wasted. Shoot deep inside, the deeper the better!


I mean NO loads! In other words: I TAKE ALL AND ANY LOADS. Self-explanatory: it is anonymous, no questions asked,  total strangers dumping loads.  No exceptions!


I don't ask you about you and you don't ask about me. It is just your cock and cum in my hole. You are here for a cumdump, then just dump and go. Only thing that matters, that this is just a hole open for you to fuck and nut.


Self-explanatory! You better be hard, or at least be able to stick in to dump.

                                         BREED THIS  WHORE!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 Visiting hung black top after breeding me twice in one day: "The BEST ass in Chicago, hands down!". 
Yes, the best manpussy, the best cunt, the best cumhole, and the best cumdump! 

Young uncut hung latin kid took these pics after he unloaded in me 2 loads in a row. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

cumdump for twinks

I love being a cumdump for twinks. I have few regular twinks that are nasty fuckers and breeders. One of them is my favorite 25yo blond twink who has a bf but loves using me as his cumdump on the side. He says every time that I am "the BEST cumdump ever". He loves cum in my hole when he fucks it. The hottest sex ever! This is the last session I had with him a couple of days ago. I had 6 loads in my cunt when he came over. This is his recording in action.

Other twinks that breed me on regular basis and have dumped many loads in me. They are all in-shape extremely hot and hung, kinky, and fuck like animals. They are either perfect nsa breeders or bf material. 

26yo 9'' uncut guy: featured in the previous post 
25yo white blonde 7'' cut all american student:one of my biggest fans
22yo 7'' uncut middleastern twink: featured in older bj posts
26yo tall slim 8'' cut  all american kid who is a bottom but loves breeding me: featured previously 
new 24yo 8'' uncut latin twink who can shoot 5-6 loads per fuck


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Public cumdump

Another day of collecting loads in my cumdump ass as usual. First one of new young hung guy in 20s from bbrt. He has a bf but needed to dump a load. I was blindfolded and ass up in the jock. He unzipped, pumped for 5 min and unloaded while moaning.
It is the best feeling when guys walk in and see your cumdump ass greeting them. They meet my ass-that is how guys meet me. It is what I am, what they wanna know about me. It is even better feeling -the best in the world when guy unzips, slides in, pumps until he unloads. Feeling the cock pulsing, the body pulsing on top of you, cum shooting in the hole, and hearing the moaning is just priceless.
After he left i was so horny for more loads I decided to travel to collect more. I chatted with a mid-age hung top from bbrt and went to his place. I sripped at the doorway, put my blindfold on, took off my clothes, and went to dark bedroom, got on my fours in my jock. The guy did not wait long, he mounted me from behind, pounded me hard for 10 min, while talking dirty with me.  First load was coating his cock and oozing on his bed. He shot a large 5 day load in my cunt. I felt so wet. Cum was leaking on my jock and on his bed. I got up, put my shorts on with my ass wet and walked out. Cum soaked my shorts around butt crack while I was walking to the car. True shameless cumdump whore leaking with cum down on his pants walking from one place to another to collect loads in the cumdumpster ass. I went straight to the nearest bathhouse to collect more loads. I got fucked and bred by few nasty raw older tops by the gloryhole and on the fuckbench, all in the dark room without seeing how they look. I did not care, I just wanted to be used like cumdump. My ass was hungry for more cum. I left home with more cum floating in my rectum and leaking on my shorts. Heaven!