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in ass-250

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New dominant fuckbud

I met this young hunk during last month and he already bred me 3x. He is younger, dominant, verbal, rough. Cute and hot in shape body. Knows how to pound my ass and unload big loads in it. He brought a friend during one of the sessions and the friend bred me as well after they tagteamed me. He just told me that he has a bf but wants to keep me his little secret cumdump whore. He told me he is addicted to my ass and wants to fuck it every day. Sounds all perfect to me!

Love young full of cum rough dirty fuckers like him who know how to treat me as a filthy worthless whore for their breeding urges! Whether you are single, dating, or attached you can use me as a cumdump, and I will be your secret no strings attached reliable whore to fulfill your needs and fantasies. I know what you need and how to please you. I am perfect for attached guys who need a emotionless faceless hole to dump their loads without any connection and bail out because I love being that hole. I truly believe to be just that cumdump, pleasing you without asking, requesting, or deserving more! If you are done with me after one dump or need more it will be as you wish.

This is my hole after last breeding yesterday when he pounded his 4 day load deep in my pussy.

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