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Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

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Friday, December 14, 2012

steamworks visit

My last visit to steamworks was completely unplanned spur of the moment but it was a great time with 4 loads in my ass.

First I cruised around, it was not busy.  It was Monday. 
I was checking out gloryholes hoping to get my favorite style fun. 
#1 First I saw big black guy with big cock sitting on the bench in public area, I just walked to him, got on my knees without saying anything and started sucking his cock.  I loved his mansmell and big belly over my head. Here I was sucking some guy's cock on my knees in front of everyone, my jock ass turned to everyone watching. I was hoping someone will rape that inviting hole. I sucked fir some time, the guy was moaning and saying how I like his cock, how good cocksucker I am.  #2 Suddenly on of the older guys started touching my ass from the back, i did not turn around and never saw his face. I rimmed my hole, then sticked his good size cock without lube in my hole and started pounding it, while i was slurping on a big black cock. I was exstatic. Older guy fucked me good, git really excited, moaned and shot his load in my pussy. 
RIght then black guy sprayed his load all over my face.
#3 Hung latin guy around my age walked over and started feeding my cock. He dragged me to his room from the public area. I got on all fours on his bed, and he gave me a long, passionate, and of the best doggy style fucks I had. He finally unloaded in my ass and I left back to gloryholes. 
I found the bench for fucking, bent over , my ass up, it was comfortable and stayed like that waiting for anyone to pass, see me, and hopefully breed me. If you are naked , in  a jock, in a bathhouse, on the public bench, open for all to see, on all fours offering your cummy ass to all to dump their loads or watch u getting bred- you know then you are a real WHORE. 
#4Some white guy walked to me let me suck his cock while i was bent over, then walked behind me and fucked my ass with his big cock. It felt so great, i was in heaven, i felt how his cock rammed my cumfilled pussy until he deposited his semen. I never saw his face either. 
I was thinking i dont care who fucks me, all i want is cock and cum, all i think about is to get fucked, i found my real calling-to be a courtesy cumdump for all guys who need to cum. I truly understood what iam -worthless cumdump.
#5 asian guy around my age that let me suck his cock. 
#6 unknown white guy walked to my bench and just rammed his cock in my leaky hole, pounded for couple of minutes making me exstatic, blew his load and pulled out, i felt a lot of cum spilled from my ass on the floor. 
#7 unknown white guy let me suck his cock, then he trusted my ass several times, left , came back and did it again. Never finished.

All in all, it was a great trip without planning, i got a lot of fun and felt really proud of this cumwhore.