Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

2014 count coming soon

Monday, August 27, 2012


Serving chicago since 2006

Taking loads in my ass since 2006

Favorite Local cumdump since 2008

Internet star since 2008

I am proud of who I am: CUMDUMP!
All who follow my blog or like checking my blog out -thank you!
I got a lot of good comments for last 4 years. I keep fucking because I love it. I keep posting because you love it. Keep it up!

I start posting Sep 2008 and still going. A lot has been changed since then. I am out of relationship (in your face!). I hosted bareback cumdump parties. I fucked a lot of hot young guys. I became a favorite local cumdump. I became internet star. I became a no limits cumwhore. I became a real slut -what I always wanted.

I want all to know that I am the best and hottest cumslut ever and I am happy. I don't refuse loads- I take any loads anywhere.
Yes,  I am a cumdump, nothing more, but I am proud of it and mastered this role.

                                                                that is how I greet guys all the time

                                                                              my signature cumdump pic

another loaded week

Last week update

3 load day

got fucked and bred by 3 guys, one dirty pig latin guy from bbrt, second older white guy, and third sexy 23 yo black 9 cut gangsta looking kid. First one is a known bbrt slut. Other two were from CL and just bred my cumlubed hole without asking any questions.

the next day i met hot young looking guy in early 30s from bbrt who asked me to go to his place. I went, he buzzed me in, i put blindfold on, then got on my knees and start sucking his cock. After some time he rimmed my pussy getting really excited, then fuck me on the sofa , on the bed in all positions until he blew his load in my ass. He was screaming with pleasure and telling me how hot my pussy is all the time.

Finally, on weekend I have a dream come true-see next post.

indian kid i love to worship

This indian kid is one my all time favorites. I was sucking his cock for a year now.
He is in his 20s, bi/straight, very discreet, masculine, great body, great uncut sweet cock, dominant, verbal. He is into kink, feeding me his cock, talking dirty, slapping me and spitting on me, messaging me dirty things. His crutch smells amazing and I love smelling his undies before burying my head in his crutch.  Thinking about him makes me so hard and horny all the time. He has accent. He is into TG and TV guys. He is a dream guy for a faggot like me. I usually suck him off until he cums down my throat. Sometimes he fucked my ass.  In any case,  it is always super hot.

Monday, August 20, 2012

hot breeding

My budy pussyluver feeding me his hot cock, then breeding me and filling my ass with his hot load.

young cocks

I got into a lot of sucking, specially young guys. Recent cocks I sucked this month:

28 yo black guy

24 yo latin kid

24 yo  black college kid

22 yo black college kid

30 yo latin guy

30 yo white european guy

faggot cunt

My faggot cunt filled and coated with spunk after I got raped hard by one of my dominant fuckbuds. He is a black older hung verbal muscular top who kept calling me bitch, whore, faggot, while punding my ass away in my jock on my knees. I felt so good being inferior to him. He was telling me that i am a woman, i am not a man.
I am a female for alpha-males. In the range of tops, versatile and bottoms, i am the the most inferior bottom. I get fucked by other bottoms. I am at the lowest position.

sucking a twink

This is a the hot twink white gorgeous 22yo kid from Cali that i sucked off couple of weeks ago. He was visiting the campus and wanted chicago head. He really enjoyed it. He had a sweet load, cute face and great body with big cock. Heaven!