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Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

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in mouth-10

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Friday, July 20, 2012

three hot fucks

Three hot fucks

I hooked up with a new hot latin21 yo kid with a huge 8uc dick what a surprise! I posted ad to give bj, did not talk about anal. i sucked him off right away  on my knees, was really excited how hot he is. Could not believe at first how hung and hot he is. Another surprise-he asked If i want to get fucked. Of course. We did not discuss condoms. I just bent over and he slided his big cock in my ass. OMG it was heaven young hot hung twink plowing my ass. He pounded me on my fours, then turned me over and fucked me in missionary pose. We were looking at each other, i was moaning, we kissed a little, and he shot a big load in my ass. Best combination: much younger uncut hung teen breeding my ass. We will be meeting again. 

Second one was a straight young cub who said he does not do this often but wanted a bj. i sucked him off, then surprisingly he wanted to fuck me. He asked for rubber, but I just bent over as if i did not hear him and he slided his cock in my hot inviting pussy. I guess no one can stand the temptation to fuck my ass specially after my bj. He fucked me raw for short few minutes and dumped his load quickly. He kept telling me that my mouth feels like pussy, and he does not do this often, and it is different with men. It was hot!

Next day, I met my buddy, asian guy in 20s who is very dominant and kinky. He txt me and asked me to go to his place. I drove there. He asked me to get up and get naked at his door and put a blindfold. Which I did. Here I am standing naked in a jock and blindfold in a hallway of someones building waiting at the door like a total slut. He opened the door and let me in. I never see his face. 
I put me on my knees and commanded me to suck. He was giving me directions all the time how to suck, calling me names I like: nasty slut, dirty faggot.  He fucked my ass raw few times in between bj. He was slapping pretty hard my face and ass. He was doing poppers. I have not met anyone as nasty as him, at least not a young slim asian kid like he is. I begged him to cum in my ass. But he did not, instead he face-fucked me and blew his huge load in my mouth which I kept swallowing for few seconds. Damn a lot of cum!. I was so excited and happy. Best combination, anonymous, blindfolded, nasty talking, degradation and load in me. 

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