Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

2014 count coming soon

Friday, December 14, 2012

steamworks visit

My last visit to steamworks was completely unplanned spur of the moment but it was a great time with 4 loads in my ass.

First I cruised around, it was not busy.  It was Monday. 
I was checking out gloryholes hoping to get my favorite style fun. 
#1 First I saw big black guy with big cock sitting on the bench in public area, I just walked to him, got on my knees without saying anything and started sucking his cock.  I loved his mansmell and big belly over my head. Here I was sucking some guy's cock on my knees in front of everyone, my jock ass turned to everyone watching. I was hoping someone will rape that inviting hole. I sucked fir some time, the guy was moaning and saying how I like his cock, how good cocksucker I am.  #2 Suddenly on of the older guys started touching my ass from the back, i did not turn around and never saw his face. I rimmed my hole, then sticked his good size cock without lube in my hole and started pounding it, while i was slurping on a big black cock. I was exstatic. Older guy fucked me good, git really excited, moaned and shot his load in my pussy. 
RIght then black guy sprayed his load all over my face.
#3 Hung latin guy around my age walked over and started feeding my cock. He dragged me to his room from the public area. I got on all fours on his bed, and he gave me a long, passionate, and of the best doggy style fucks I had. He finally unloaded in my ass and I left back to gloryholes. 
I found the bench for fucking, bent over , my ass up, it was comfortable and stayed like that waiting for anyone to pass, see me, and hopefully breed me. If you are naked , in  a jock, in a bathhouse, on the public bench, open for all to see, on all fours offering your cummy ass to all to dump their loads or watch u getting bred- you know then you are a real WHORE. 
#4Some white guy walked to me let me suck his cock while i was bent over, then walked behind me and fucked my ass with his big cock. It felt so great, i was in heaven, i felt how his cock rammed my cumfilled pussy until he deposited his semen. I never saw his face either. 
I was thinking i dont care who fucks me, all i want is cock and cum, all i think about is to get fucked, i found my real calling-to be a courtesy cumdump for all guys who need to cum. I truly understood what iam -worthless cumdump.
#5 asian guy around my age that let me suck his cock. 
#6 unknown white guy walked to my bench and just rammed his cock in my leaky hole, pounded for couple of minutes making me exstatic, blew his load and pulled out, i felt a lot of cum spilled from my ass on the floor. 
#7 unknown white guy let me suck his cock, then he trusted my ass several times, left , came back and did it again. Never finished.

All in all, it was a great trip without planning, i got a lot of fun and felt really proud of this cumwhore. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

faggot giving great bj

Met this guy online. Buff hairy latino with sweet uncut cock. You can see some of my best cocksucking skills. He loved it. I never saw his face but provided him with the best bj like a real faggot. Like always blindfolded on my knees between guy's legs worshipping cock-where I belong. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

next cumdump party

Dear followers, you voted and I listened. I asked you how to reach my goal of 100 loads and more this year and the winner was "cumdump party" with runner up "whoring out". So I am having a cumdump party while whoring out my ass in the bathhouse. Seems like I will be taking loads despite one person-in your face, loser!-who thinks I should stop doing that.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I love young kids, love to get fucked by them, suck them dry, being abused by them.
I remember when I was young kid i wanted to be abused by young kids, now I get them all!

I think about myself as a pussy. My sexual organ is my asshole that became pussy. I am a big pussy nothing else. I serve as a female for guys.

My face is my ass. My name is cunt. I am known as  such. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

another anonymous cumdump

I posted on CL as a cumdump as usual. This new young guy wanted to come over and dump his load. Big cock and load. The usual scene. Another hot fuck!

I know what guys want. All guys need to cum. They all need a hole. Whether it is sleazy pig tops that love to breed bottom cumwhores like me, ot regular guys who need a hole once in a while to cum,  my hole is there for them.
I have fucked many young guys in early 20s (youngest 19) who loved to breed my ass. They are begging to get into my slutty hole. They don't ask for condoms and even if they do, after I suck their cocks all they want is to stick in my ass, and when they do that there is no way back- they won't stop until they blow their nuts in my hole. Those are the best fucks. Young, dumb, and full of cum. Always hard and horny.  Always raw.

Friday, September 28, 2012

my names

i always wanted to be called names by aggressive guys, it makes me happy, this is how guys address me on regular basis:

dirty whore

Monday, September 24, 2012

another random cumload

one of many recent cumloads dumped in my insatiable hungry hole that I have to feed very often.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

hot cumdump

I still have to update about my dreamfuck, but meanwhile this is one of the best fucks I ever had, and it was totally anonymous, blindfolded, rough and verbal.

I met this guy on bbrt, tall, around my age, white, hung, anonymous top who has the perfect cock and fucking technique. He is just perfect fucker for me. Comes in, no talking, fucks, dumps his load and leaves, always hard, hung, and has the right way of fucking my ass.

He bred me twice so far. He loves my ass, he gets excited every time, and tells me that I have the best fuckhole, he wants to fuck me all the time.

I got back to my roots: getting fucked in my bed in my bedroom which makes me a real whore.

Listen to how I moan from the pleasure, beg for his load, and get charged at the end.

My ideal fuck and fetish:

on all fours



poppered up


called names

getting seeded


screaming "breed me", "dump your load"

Monday, August 27, 2012


Serving chicago since 2006

Taking loads in my ass since 2006

Favorite Local cumdump since 2008

Internet star since 2008

I am proud of who I am: CUMDUMP!
All who follow my blog or like checking my blog out -thank you!
I got a lot of good comments for last 4 years. I keep fucking because I love it. I keep posting because you love it. Keep it up!

I start posting Sep 2008 and still going. A lot has been changed since then. I am out of relationship (in your face!). I hosted bareback cumdump parties. I fucked a lot of hot young guys. I became a favorite local cumdump. I became internet star. I became a no limits cumwhore. I became a real slut -what I always wanted.

I want all to know that I am the best and hottest cumslut ever and I am happy. I don't refuse loads- I take any loads anywhere.
Yes,  I am a cumdump, nothing more, but I am proud of it and mastered this role.

                                                                that is how I greet guys all the time

                                                                              my signature cumdump pic

another loaded week

Last week update

3 load day

got fucked and bred by 3 guys, one dirty pig latin guy from bbrt, second older white guy, and third sexy 23 yo black 9 cut gangsta looking kid. First one is a known bbrt slut. Other two were from CL and just bred my cumlubed hole without asking any questions.

the next day i met hot young looking guy in early 30s from bbrt who asked me to go to his place. I went, he buzzed me in, i put blindfold on, then got on my knees and start sucking his cock. After some time he rimmed my pussy getting really excited, then fuck me on the sofa , on the bed in all positions until he blew his load in my ass. He was screaming with pleasure and telling me how hot my pussy is all the time.

Finally, on weekend I have a dream come true-see next post.

indian kid i love to worship

This indian kid is one my all time favorites. I was sucking his cock for a year now.
He is in his 20s, bi/straight, very discreet, masculine, great body, great uncut sweet cock, dominant, verbal. He is into kink, feeding me his cock, talking dirty, slapping me and spitting on me, messaging me dirty things. His crutch smells amazing and I love smelling his undies before burying my head in his crutch.  Thinking about him makes me so hard and horny all the time. He has accent. He is into TG and TV guys. He is a dream guy for a faggot like me. I usually suck him off until he cums down my throat. Sometimes he fucked my ass.  In any case,  it is always super hot.

Monday, August 20, 2012

hot breeding

My budy pussyluver feeding me his hot cock, then breeding me and filling my ass with his hot load.

young cocks

I got into a lot of sucking, specially young guys. Recent cocks I sucked this month:

28 yo black guy

24 yo latin kid

24 yo  black college kid

22 yo black college kid

30 yo latin guy

30 yo white european guy

faggot cunt

My faggot cunt filled and coated with spunk after I got raped hard by one of my dominant fuckbuds. He is a black older hung verbal muscular top who kept calling me bitch, whore, faggot, while punding my ass away in my jock on my knees. I felt so good being inferior to him. He was telling me that i am a woman, i am not a man.
I am a female for alpha-males. In the range of tops, versatile and bottoms, i am the the most inferior bottom. I get fucked by other bottoms. I am at the lowest position.

sucking a twink

This is a the hot twink white gorgeous 22yo kid from Cali that i sucked off couple of weeks ago. He was visiting the campus and wanted chicago head. He really enjoyed it. He had a sweet load, cute face and great body with big cock. Heaven!

Monday, July 23, 2012

nasty old top breeding my ass

This older nasty top that I met once before on bbrt.com came over again and bred me. I was blindfolded on all fours all time and never saw his face. i was sniffing my poppers while he was pounding away my young pussy. His big cock felt so good in my hole, and his big balls were slapping my ass and that was making me ecstatic. I really fell like useless shameless whore being fucked by nasty ugly older top. I was begging for his loads. He shot 1st load, then continued fucking until he gave me another one. He treated me the way I love to be treated: used a spermbank and dumped. I was left happy with my hole flooded with his charged loads. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

three hot fucks

Three hot fucks

I hooked up with a new hot latin21 yo kid with a huge 8uc dick what a surprise! I posted ad to give bj, did not talk about anal. i sucked him off right away  on my knees, was really excited how hot he is. Could not believe at first how hung and hot he is. Another surprise-he asked If i want to get fucked. Of course. We did not discuss condoms. I just bent over and he slided his big cock in my ass. OMG it was heaven young hot hung twink plowing my ass. He pounded me on my fours, then turned me over and fucked me in missionary pose. We were looking at each other, i was moaning, we kissed a little, and he shot a big load in my ass. Best combination: much younger uncut hung teen breeding my ass. We will be meeting again. 

Second one was a straight young cub who said he does not do this often but wanted a bj. i sucked him off, then surprisingly he wanted to fuck me. He asked for rubber, but I just bent over as if i did not hear him and he slided his cock in my hot inviting pussy. I guess no one can stand the temptation to fuck my ass specially after my bj. He fucked me raw for short few minutes and dumped his load quickly. He kept telling me that my mouth feels like pussy, and he does not do this often, and it is different with men. It was hot!

Next day, I met my buddy, asian guy in 20s who is very dominant and kinky. He txt me and asked me to go to his place. I drove there. He asked me to get up and get naked at his door and put a blindfold. Which I did. Here I am standing naked in a jock and blindfold in a hallway of someones building waiting at the door like a total slut. He opened the door and let me in. I never see his face. 
I put me on my knees and commanded me to suck. He was giving me directions all the time how to suck, calling me names I like: nasty slut, dirty faggot.  He fucked my ass raw few times in between bj. He was slapping pretty hard my face and ass. He was doing poppers. I have not met anyone as nasty as him, at least not a young slim asian kid like he is. I begged him to cum in my ass. But he did not, instead he face-fucked me and blew his huge load in my mouth which I kept swallowing for few seconds. Damn a lot of cum!. I was so excited and happy. Best combination, anonymous, blindfolded, nasty talking, degradation and load in me. 

Friday, July 6, 2012


My cumhole leaking with cum after my beautiful pussy was raped by a stranger hung black guy who pounded and dumped his load while calling me "fucking bitch". He had a big load for me. That's right I am a fucking bitch and total cumdump, shameless slut with hungry ass that can't ever get enough cum. I am proud of being a cumdump. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

fuck u bitch!

I felt such a whore last weekend. It felt so right, I was so happy to be treated as a bitch. I got loaded by  a stranger older white guy who I never saw. Then I got raped by older black hung guy who was calling me "bitch" while raping and breeding my ass.  I was wearing panties and waiting for him on the floor blindfolded on all fours. He pounded my ass rough in different positions, while the first load was leaking from my pussy, then he dumped his big load and left. Those are the pics he took afterwards. My ass looks so good in panties and a load in it. I am such a cumwhore! This is what I wanna do all my life-just bend over, take loads in my ass and be a cumdump. The last pic is real me and my paradise.


Recent facials:  my faggot face getting sprayed by two guys after giving bjs.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

cumdump party in LA on April 28th

party ad on barebackrt.com profile cuntarmo

one time event: passing by masculine pig bottom cumwhore will be taking all loads in this hot hungry ass, anonymous blindfolded on all fours, open for gangbangs and tagteaming, pics and video ok. all are welcome, the only requirements: be hard, no pulling out and have load(s) to dump in my ass. looking to collect as many loads as i can get. check out my famous blog. sign up if you r cuming or email me. Place and time TBD soon.

got more than 80 people signed up email me if u wanna join

Time: Saturday 18 th, 6 pm

Location: Dunes Inn - Sunset
5625 West Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

cumdump party

Pics from my recent cumdump party in the motel: before , during and after getting bred by 10 guys. I put a party ad on bbrt and got many requests. I got fucked and loaded by 10 strangers who just walked in, used this cumdump and left. I was blindfolded on all fours all the time. I kept the loads for hours then I pushed it out for a video.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

sucking young cock

my ass/pussy/cumdump/hole photos

i love those photos of my beautiful ass with tight nice hole that guys love to breed, i love to show up and give up my ass, this is my real face bc that what most guys see and make love to when they meet me. I have been called cunt, pussy, whore, cumwhore, cumslut, hole, cumdump etc. My ass on different days before and after getting bred.

fucking cumdump30 - XTube Porn Video - pussy_luva

fucking cumdump30 - XTube Porn Video - pussy_luva

me getting bred and taped by a bud
i am also a big cum eater and love facials, being sprayed with cum, swallowing cum until my stomach is full. those are just some pics.