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in ass-250

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

new pics in my new jock

after getting fucked:) my jock accentuates the beauty of my ass and pelvis, making it jocky and feminine and attractive.
guys like to fuck masculine cute guy like me with female pelvis.

Later this month: 1) i got fucked by the same latin man again.
2) sucked and got bred by my asian bud
3) got pounded hard by a new cock: 30s white anonymous guy. Was a greatest fuck ever.

4) got fucked for 3rd time by my older white fuckbud. This time i broadcasted the action on manhunt cam live. Everyone liked it.

overall a lot of cock and cum for this slut that is always looking to satisfy more and more guys and be their pussyboy.

1 comment :

  1. Total beauty of an ass there, bro. Glad to hear it's getting lots of use and ESPECIALLY glad to see a new post here. Big fan of your site and all of your adventures. Ride on, brotha'!