Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


last week after work i had a treesome with my work fb dirk and his fb. We went to that guys' place. he was 23yo white cut guy. We undressed and started jacking off and touching.
I bent over and dirk started fucking me while the other guy penetrated him.
After dirk came in my ass his buddy jerked off and shot his load on the floor. Everything happened fast we dressed up and left.
i wasn't fully satisfied so this week i met up with dirk again at work in the private room and he creamed my ass after a hot fucking session.  I carried his load all day. I think noone excites me as much as dirk. He has been breeding me from summer 2007. I should have many of his babies by now. He is my N1 sperm donor. Even more than my bf.
Next morning i was still horny ad my bf ate, bred and seeded my ass. If only he knew that i still had dirk's DNA in there.
I get such a pleasure from a fact that i whore out my ass, take raw dicks and loads and then serve it all for him to lick, eat and then fuck. He is married to a slut. My holes are for sharing and whoring out. And that's what he is gonna get, like the all 3 years we have been  together.