Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

2014 count coming soon

Monday, December 21, 2009

sucking two guys in one day

First dick was my older "dad" who calls me faggot. Those are my pics sucking him blindfolded as usual. I filmed a video of this session. Oh god, I love seeing myself in this position, cute, young, masculine, naked, in jock, on my knees, blindfolded, sucking of a guy who humiliates me. I was born to be in that position and I would spend all my life like that if I could.
Second one was a load fom a new latin bud. Awesome!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New dick

Hooked up with a fresh meat latin guy around my age, lives in the area. Nice, tasty, uncut dick , perfect size.
 He cam over, i was on my knees in my jock, wearing a blindfold. We did not see each other faces.
I sucked him off. Such a smooth nice body, he smelled good. I skullfucked me and shot his load on  my lips and tongue. It was a rush. Next time i want that load down my thorat. May be he will want to breed my cunt too. Hope to make a new buddy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Asian cock

New pics from the last session of sucking and raw fucking with my asian bud. He messaged me that he wants to get sucked. I went over like his bitch always ready to service him. I stopped on my way home. We went to the building roof. I sucked him off for a while. Then he really wanted to breed me. I wasn't ready. He violently took my dirty hole, fucked the shit out of it (literally) and dumped his load. Hot! I carried home his seed in my slut ass to greet my bf.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Last week

Last week highlights:
1. Sucking and fucking with my latin bud in his office. Long sucking and raw fucking as usual.
2. Asian bud was especially good, a lot of sucking, dirty talk and raw ass pounding with nice load in my hole.
3. The same day I let my bf to breed my slut ass and add his load.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New loads

This week I was lucky to get two loads down my throat from two new guys.
First was 20yo indian college student from the campus. I posted on CL and we met at my storage room. He had a great uncut dick which I sucked. It was curved down and perfectly fit my mouth.
I deethroated and got facefucked. He was young but a great feeder. We finished with him blowing huge load in my mouth, he wanted to see it on my tongue and then I swallowed it all. Hope we can meet soon. I loved getting fresh meat. Young boys cum is tasty with some bitterness. That's his pic.
Second was a online bud I chatted few times. He always wanted to feed me. Finally it happened.
He is 45yo stocky tall white smooth daddy with a belly and 7c dick. My fetish... I waited him naked on my knees. I had a blindfold in the dark room. He came in and started talking dirty with me, calling me faggot, bitch etc. It was so good to find someone calling names while feeding me. I called myself few good words while sucking. He had a great smooth skin, of course I was grabbing his belly. The feeling of the belly, seeing it above my head, sucking on the dick slowly, making it hard and blowing it, being called what I am - it really make me feel so submissive, so good, so on my place to serve alpha-males and be their bitch. That is my place in life. I blowed him until he came in my mouth and down my throat. It was nice cum. I didn't see his face. He zipped up, said "Thanks, faggot" and left.
I wanna hear that everytime I suck off guys.
Good week so far!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

dirk's load

Last week 1 latin load taken , 1 asian load swallowed. This week hoping to get dirk's load and may be someone new.

List of regular f-buds (all raw)

1) dirk
2) asian
3) latin

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Latin cock and cum

Tonight after work i finally met my latin bud after a long break. We met in his office. I sucked him off for a while and then he fucked me raw as usual for like 30 min and then came in my ass. i love grabbing his belly when I was sucking him, loved my face in his belly when he was fucking my face. He bent me over and fucked me on the floor on my fours while I was grabbing his thighs. We were all sweaty and hot. He took some pics with my camera. I was talking dirty and asking him to fuck his bitch and seeding my pussy. Which he did.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

confessions of the faggot

I am a fag, a whore, a cumguzzling cocksucker and a total bareback bottom.
I was born from the dumped seed and I belong together with all loads dumped in my ass. I am the happiest between guy's legs, on my knees, with his dick and cum in my mouth, and on my fours, doggy style, with his dick and cum in my ass. Guys need release, uncomplicated, faceless, obedient and mute. I provide the hole they want, and I am the condom they cum in. My mission is to be the guys bitch.

Not much was going on lately... I just meet occasionally with my asian fb and suck him off/get seeded. Haven't met dirk for a while need to catch up. Noone else.
In addition, I am in love with someone I know and close. But soon he will leave to different state.
I didn't confess my love. An he is closeted. So pretty tough case.
Fantasizing about meeting guys and being a whore distracts me from these issues. Plus, I still get some from asian and dirk. Until then...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


last week after work i had a treesome with my work fb dirk and his fb. We went to that guys' place. he was 23yo white cut guy. We undressed and started jacking off and touching.
I bent over and dirk started fucking me while the other guy penetrated him.
After dirk came in my ass his buddy jerked off and shot his load on the floor. Everything happened fast we dressed up and left.
i wasn't fully satisfied so this week i met up with dirk again at work in the private room and he creamed my ass after a hot fucking session.  I carried his load all day. I think noone excites me as much as dirk. He has been breeding me from summer 2007. I should have many of his babies by now. He is my N1 sperm donor. Even more than my bf.
Next morning i was still horny ad my bf ate, bred and seeded my ass. If only he knew that i still had dirk's DNA in there.
I get such a pleasure from a fact that i whore out my ass, take raw dicks and loads and then serve it all for him to lick, eat and then fuck. He is married to a slut. My holes are for sharing and whoring out. And that's what he is gonna get, like the all 3 years we have been  together.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

asian loads

I meet my asian guy pretty often now. he is in the area and we meet at his place or in the building closet. It's either on my way to work in the morning and on m y to home in the evening, quick hot action. We met this week, he started to kiss me, then i sucked me off while grabbing his smooth ass, then he fucked me raw and finally shot his load all in my ass. Other times he just blows in my mouth and i  swallow it completely. I feel i am getting used to swallowing loads without chocking or spitting them. I let them go on the back of my tongue and i swallow. He told me i really know how to suck cock well. Well he is not he only one. There at least 4 others liking it. And he thinks i am hot. Which i am according to many guys. 
Anyway, this is ongoing affair.

stall bj with cum, FINALLY!

An hour ago was one of the hottest bj ever-i went to meet up with my latin bud in one of his office buildings. It was a campus building w students still around. We met at the bathroom, i went in and he was in the stall it took few seconds what to do. i went in the next stall then he kneeled stuck his cock out to my side. i have never seen his cock (i sucked him in dark), it was beatiful.
I started to suck him it was unusual but adrenalin was high we had to be careful, i had to postion myself almost lie down in my stall to be able to deepthroat him , oh my god that is the sweetest cock ever and the perfect size. i can suck him all day without rest. But i didn;t have much time.
I was smelling his tasty croch and chewing his cock, playing with his balls.
IT HAPPENED!!! he wanted to cum quickly, he asked "do u want my seed?" oh yes!  After some cock eating he told me he is cuming and blew a huge load in my mouth, i took it all and savored it , that was the perfect taste-not bitter not too sweet not too salty -tasty. After i savored it i swallowed his cum completely. I still have the taste in my mouth. I don't usually savor cum i just swallow it or guys shoot straight down my throat.
I definitely need to keep this bud. He can fuck long, he is young, he is verbal and he has nice cock and tasty cum. And he is in the area so i meet him on my way home from work. Very sneaky.