Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

no cum again

i met the latin guy this monday for the second time. The same scene i went to his office with lights off. I found his dick, he was sitting in the chair. It was hard I started to suck. Oh my god i think it's one of the best cocks i ever had, smells good, tasted good, perfect size big enough but i could deepthroat it . I sucked him pretty long and used all my sucking tricks but he was ready to go more. I kept playing with his belly and smelling his croch. His dick was hard but it had soft skin and it was easy to suck on it. Sometimes he was giving trusts in my mouth like fuking pussy. Again i didn't have enough time. I lubed my ass with saliva turned around and started hammering my ass.
It was long and great. He still couldn't come and asked me to lie down on the floor flat ass up which i did. He fucked me for a while. I wanted him to shoot and he wanted. While he was fucking i asked if he wants me to be his bitch, he said yes so i can fuck you anytime i want.
But he didn't come again he could a fb for long sessions which is great because my other fuckers can't fuck long enough. Next time i need to give more time. It was very hot again i went home happy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekly recap

Friday Dec 12
I recalled my old fuckbud i didn't see for a while. He is a cute young 24-26yo black guy with mice smell and 7 c sweet dick. I used to suck him often and swallow his really tasty cum, few times he fucked me in the ass. So I txt him he happens to be free in the morning and we meet up at my place. As always he comes in and and get on my knees at once. He takes out his stick already hard and i get at it. This time i managed to webcam few seconds to another friend online.
Anyway i sucked him off for a while him sitting down and relaxing he jerked off and shoot a big load on his belly, I liked some cum. He left and I went to work happy.

On weekend my bf fucked me hard a couple times and came in my ass.

On monday i was still hungry. There was this 27yo latin guy that wanted me to suck him o ff in his office so after work i just went to his office. He told me the room number. I got in lights off very dark. I didn't see much. I felt through then found his dick with my mouth. Started to play with it. It was 7 c sweet cock. I sucked him for a while. I was excited and anxious since i had to get home and my bf was waiting. I lied that i am still leaving work. But i couldn't stop sucking and licking that guy croch. Never saw his face. Yeah, he had some belly which turned me on and i was playing with it. Then he asked me to sit on his dick with no lube r condom. I told him its not clean but then i turned around and sat on it, it went with some pain but it was so good. After some jumping i bent over and let him to plow me. He did for few minutes and didn't cum.
I had to leave. We are going to meet again.

Last friday I met dirk again and he gave me another passionate fuck. He told me he wants to fuck me all the time, he loves my tight ass, loves to cum in it, wants me to be his pussy. I told him i want the same which is true. And asked him to fuck me more. I miss him.

Not bad for a week. Lets see what happens next...