Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

2014 count coming soon

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Sometimes i think i need to quit everything bf and work and just become a full time whore that provides service to men specially the ones who don;t get much action, i feel like i want to do charity for them, specially those older single or married guys that need some release they don't get i am sure they would like to get sucked by this young hot guy or fuck a nice sub pussy. I wish i could do that 24/7 and 365. I could try all the cocks  in the area. I remember since being a kid i dreamt about fucking all the guys in the school  in the town in the country. I dreamt to become a whore for them to enjoy. Is it what I need to do or is it supposed to be just my fantasy?

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