Total loads- 120

in mouth- 30
in ass- 90


Total loads 260

in mouth-10
in ass-250

2014 as of May 6th

in ass-122
in mouth-10

2014 count coming soon

Sunday, November 30, 2008


This happened last year. But i can't forget it. It was one of my first random orals. I put an ad in CL saying "FAGGOT ON KNEES, looking to suck and take loads down my throat". A married fireman replied from the nearby firestation. He was here in 10 min. I was on m knees as usual naked in  my jock.
It was semidark i was in front of the mirror. It was a big tall older black man in fire uniform, he had a radio  in the hand that was  talking, and a ring on his finger. I couldn't see the face not did i care. 
He dropped his pants i started to slurp on it until it got hard. It was a nice size sweet cock i continue sucking. He had a nice belly i put my both hands on his belly and was playing with it.
I realized i had a new fetish older guy's belly in my face while my mouth is on his dick... i get off on that.
i sucked him for a while he was standing all time his side to the mirror. So we were ocassionally looking in the mirror. When he was ready to cum he didn't let me to take my mouth off his cock he firmly pushed my head in his cruch and i felt his  spank down my throat. i was excited. when he was dry he pulled up his pants said "Thank you" and left. I was left with the taste in my mouth a load in my stomach and came myself after he left like a real fag.


Sometimes i think i need to quit everything bf and work and just become a full time whore that provides service to men specially the ones who don;t get much action, i feel like i want to do charity for them, specially those older single or married guys that need some release they don't get i am sure they would like to get sucked by this young hot guy or fuck a nice sub pussy. I wish i could do that 24/7 and 365. I could try all the cocks  in the area. I remember since being a kid i dreamt about fucking all the guys in the school  in the town in the country. I dreamt to become a whore for them to enjoy. Is it what I need to do or is it supposed to be just my fantasy?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 loads

We had great sex with my bf, he fucked me really good and hard and came in my ass late night. Next morning i contacted the asian guy and went to his place, we met in the building closet , i sucked him off then he fucked me raw and came on my hole and inside. The same day at work i contacted dirk, we met in the storage room. I sucked him off and he fucked me passionately and dumped his big load deep in my pussy. That was such a feast!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Haven't seen dirk for a month, we were busy. we emailed each other and asking who else i fuck
lately it was just him ad the asian guy i suck them off , swallow and take it raw and they load my ass.  Those are my regular raw buds on the side. So I get regular cumloads from 5 guys, including my bf.  Mostly the same all the time so there are no updates.
this week i met dirk again in the closet at work. we kissed and hugged passionately then i sucked him off he didn't let me to go long, he bent me over and tried to stick in my ass, i lubed it with my saliva, he quickly inserted and started fucking me like crazy. It was so hot, we were saying sexy things to each other, he pounded for few minutes, he finally shot his load deep in my belly. my ass was a bit messy but he didn't care he likes me any way. I kept his cum inside me all day, it completely got absorbed. Sweet, i like being pregnant with cum.